Table cameras for this century

Camera technology has come a long way since the modern disposable camera was introduced in 1986.
Despite these advances, traditional table cameras have barely evolved over the past 30 years.

That's where we come in!
We provide high-quality digital point-and-shoot table cameras for your guests to use during your event.

And because the cameras are digital, we can do lots of fun things that aren't possible with traditional table cameras.
— Give you all the pictures, from all our cameras, that day!
— Wireless transmit the pictures to a live slideshow during your event!
— Make it easy for your guests to get the pictures after your event!

A quickie comparison:

traditional table camera Snap Show Magic camera
# of pictures about 20 over 500
autofocus no yes
built-in flash sometimes (at extra cost) always
live slideshow not a chance standard
getting your pictures Sometime after your event:
  • go to 1-hour photo
  • wait 1 hour (or more)
  • pay $$
    (and throw away all the blank pictures)
During your event:
  • have fun
  • mingle with your guests
  • receive a disk with all the pictures
    (you get all your pictures, then and there!)