Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snap Show Magic?
Snap Show Magic is an integrated table camera and slideshow service.
Snap Show Magic provides specially enhanced table cameras for your event.
Pictures taken with our special cameras are wirelessly inserted into the slideshow in real-time, allowing all your guests to enjoy the photos they are taking.
At the end of your event, we give you a disk with all of the photos taken with the Snap Show Magic cameras.
What kind of table cameras does Snap Show Magic provide?
The cameras are high quality digital point-and-shoot cameras.
Our current cameras are a mix of Canon A1300 (16MP) and Canon ELPH 150 (20MP) cameras.
The cameras are upgraded periodically as technology progresses.
What makes the table cameras that Snap Show Magic provides “specially enhanced?”
“Specially enhanced” means that we've added wireless functionality to the cameras.
This enables the cameras to invisibly transfer the photos to the slideshow.
How many photos can each camera take?
Over 500 high-resolution photos!
And that's the low end — most Snap Show Magic cameras can take more!
Can the cameras shoot movies?
Yes, but we don't play the movies as part of the slideshow.
You'll still get the movies on the disk with the rest of the photos.
What happens to all the pictures after the event?
First and foremost, we give them to you!
At the end of your event, we:
  • — compile all the photos taken with the Snap Show Magic cameras
  • — copy them to a disk
  • — give the disk to you
Then we upload all the photos to the Snap Show Magic website so your guests can view and download them.
What kind of disks do you use for the photos?
We primarily use DVD's, specifically a DVD+R or DVD-R formatted as a data disk.
The DVD with all the photos is not a “movie” DVD; it is intended to be used with a computer to view/copy/print the photos.
(That said, some DVD players have the ability to read data disks and display their own slideshow on your TV -- we know a few clients who have done this.)
The DVD's are presented in a slimline DVD case with custom labeling.

We also use USB flash drives, an optional upgrade from the DVD.
USB flash drives are easy to use with the digital photo printing systems available at many larger stores.
The USB flash drive can also be used with most modern TV's — plug the USB flash drive into the TV and it will display it's own slideshow with all the photos.
Will all of the photos fit on one disk?
It depends upon how many photos your guests take at your event.
Most events produce between 800-1000 photos (about 4.5GB), which usually fits on one DVD.
We always bring two disks, just in case we have to split the photos across multiple disks.
If everything fits onto one disk, we give you the second disk as a “backup” disk.
What locations does Snap Show Magic service?
Snap Show Magic mainly services Southern California.
We’re based in the Inland Empire and closest to Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties.
We can provide services to other areas though. Please feel free to contact us.
Approximate service area